Let us help with your real estate!

Are you renting a real estate? Verbier-based Agency Bruchez & Gaillard SA is specialized in the management of properties and provides you assistance to rent and manage your chalet or apartment.

A time-consuming and expert business, property management is a full-time job. Therefore we suggest you to feel free and give this task to a professional. Develop your property investment very easily based on our experience and our team ready to work for you.

Entertaining relationships of trust with your Agency can bring you full service packages. A real estate agent from Bruchez & Gaillard SA takes over the daily management of your estate and solves whatever issues with the tenant such as handover of keys or the outgoing survey and inventory. You may rely on real estate Agency Bruchez & Gaillard SA to manage the rent of your property and make sure that it generates income and no problems.


Our rental department deals with all the formalities related to the rental of an estate such as:

  • Real estate guidance by the manager
  • Your estate online
  • Preparation of your estate rate base
  • Search for tenants
  • Signature of lease agreements
  • Cleaning during and after the rent
  • Preparation of an advertising plan
  • Drafting of a house regulation
  • Reception of mail related to the estates


Our administration department takes any and all actions in relation with joint-ownerships. We organize yearly GA’s and restoration works and settle any and all joint-ownership-related issues.


Our management department is liable for updating owners’ accounts and settling your invoices as well as the estate-related expenses. We send a yearly breakdown of accounts to every joint-owner.


Our Agency plans summer and winter maintenance works such as cutting the grass and removing the snow in front of your entrance door. We also organize cleaning teams throughout the year.